Zapytaj nas o wszystko: Różne pytania


W tym tygodniu pojawiły się odpowiedzi na różne pytania odnośnie ESO.

Na chwilę obecną zamieszczam oryginał po angielsku, ale już niedługo zostanie on przetłumaczony

In our previous bi-weekly Ask Us Anythings, we asked for your specific questions about the three alliances. You had some great questions, and we hope you found the answers interesting! This week, we broadened the field and have answers on a much wider variety of ESO-related topics.

We know you have more questions about the game’s lore, mechanics, setting, and more, so send your general questions to us at for our next Ask Us Anything. Continue reading for this week’s answers.


Will each alliance focus on its own specific roles (classes)? For example, Aldmeri Dominion is mostly mages and Daggerfall Covenant – warriors? – By Максим Карпович

We feel strongly that you should develop your own role, regardless of which alliance you choose.


Since the Guild Act is passed during the Second Era, is it safe to assume that these organizations will exist within ESO? To what level will the players be able to interact, will they be joinable or will the player be in more of an advisory role? How will the developers handle a multitude of players making a multitude of different decisions? – By John Kelley

The Fighters Guild and Mages Guild definitely exist, and you’ll be able to join these organizations. Each has a definite purpose in our time –  the Mages Guild needs to recapture lore that could be lost in the chaos of the interregnum, and the Fighters Guild is attempting to thwart the designs of Molag Bal. You will be able to accept quests from the guilds to assist in achieving these goals. As with the rest of the game, the decisions you make affect how you see the world, not necessarily how other players see the world.


I’m a big fan of the Daedric Princes and Princesses. Will there be quests available for all of the Daedric gods or just some of them – and if so, will there be new ones? – By Byron Henderson II

As in the other Elder Scrolls games, the Daedric Princes have a high profile in ESO. They seem to love to meddle in the affairs of mortals. As for whether we will reveal any previously unseen Princes, well – the Planes of Oblivion are infinite.


I know that the Dwemer disappeared in the First Era but is there any chance we may see more than just their architecture and machines? Perhaps Yagrum Bagarn might make an appearance? – By Eric Abbott

As far as anyone knows, all the Dwemer disappeared in the year 1E 668…


Are we going to see known types of weapons (e.g. Steel, Silver, Glass, …)? – By Nicolai Spatz

Yes, you are definitely going to see many of the weapon and armor materials you’ve seen in other Elder Scrolls games.


Being the huge fan of Orcs I am, their culture interests me very much. Their worship of Malacath was the most interesting to me, but also the most confusing. Is Malacath widely accepted as a deity, or is it only certain, small groups that consider him their god? Also, will he make any kind of appearance in ESO? Most importantly, I’m confused on what he is and what his relation to the Orcs is. – By Daniel Molyneaux

As with other races, the religious practices of the Orcs vary from place to place and from clan to clan. Some Orcs worship the Daedric Prince Malacath; some Orcs (including most of those in the Daggerfall Covenant) worship the Divine named Mauloch, whom they insist is not a Daedra at all; and some Orcs could care less whether their god is a Daedra or not, and worship him under either name. In such matters of metaphysics, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to determine what the “truth” really is.


What kind of prominent Argonian figures will we meet? – By LaJaveyon Saunders

You will meet the Archcanons, such as Heita-Meen, who administer Argonian affairs above the tribal level (at least in northern Black Marsh), as well as the Keeper of the Hatching Pool in Shadowfen.


What are ESO‚s plans for including „the Way of the Sword” as a part of Redguard history and combat mastery? Will Redguards or other races be able to become Master Ansei or learn the Shehai? – By Elisabeth Bailey

Many, if not most, Redguards admire and revere skill with swordplay, and visit schools like the one at Leki’s Blade where they can hone their mastery. Alas, it seems the Ansei’s ability to summon the Shehai, or “spirit sword,” was lost when the Ansei died out in the long First Era. Lost forever? Who can say?