Zagłębij się w Event Opisowy odnośnie ESO

W zeszłym tygodniu zaprosiliśmy gości z  MMOG, Elder Scrolls Online fansites ipodcasts, i graczą do nas do ZeniMax Online Studios w Baltimore na pierwsze próby z grą The Elder Scrolls Online. Poniżej znajdują się materiały napisane przez naszych gości

Acolytes Gaming Community:

I had an absolutely fantastic time at Bethesda’s Studio playing through the very early stages of the Elder Scrolls Online.  It was a special treat to witness the beginning story-lines (areas) and seeing the game-play live and firsthand.

Elder Scrolls Online – Preview (editorial)


“In [this] video, we sit down with Matt Firor, director of The Elder Scrolls Online, and ask him questions about the game. We also managed to secure some sweet screenshots, showcasing new bosses, environments and classes!”

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Elder Scrolls Off the Record:

“If you were worried that The Elder Scrolls Online might end up being just another MMO that you’ve played a million times before, you can rest easy. The team at Zenimax Online Studios have created a game that feels unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, yet not so foreign that you will have to relearn everything from the ground up. And with the goal of creating an Elder Scrolls game that also happens to be an MMO, you’re going to feel right at home during your adventures in Tamriel.”

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Guild UMBRA:

“It seems that Zenimax is on the right path with this release of the Elder Scrolls as they are intending on making a RPG first; their consistently messaged narrative is that they are making an Online Role-Playing Game vice a MMO.  Thus, this is Elder Scrolls that you can play with your friends.  Yes, they seem to know what they want to be when they grow up, and are not falling into the MMO trap of trying to appeal (pander) to folks by trying to be EVERYTHING to EVERBODY.”

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“Ultimately, I left my time with The Elder Scrolls Online feeling considerably more optimistic than I had expected. The team at ZeniMax Online has done a great job so far recreating not just the world of Tamriel but also the feeling of an Elder Scrolls title.”

Massively’s hands-on with The Elder Scrolls Online (editorial)

MMO Attack:

“My time with The Elder Scrolls Online has left me wanting more. The game is successful in bringing the immersive world of The Elder Scrolls to the MMO world to give the genre a breath of fresh air. With a release date of 2013, ESO is a game to keep on your radar, because when it launches, it has all the makings to be something big.”

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MMO Reporter:

“We recently visited Zenimax’s studio in Baltimore to take part in a preview event showcasing Elder Scrolls Online. With some presentations and most importantly, tons of hands-on game time, we had a really good chance to get a sneak peek at the game’s potential.”

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“Elder Scrolls Online has a very tricky balancing act to do. They have MMO combat mixing with the Elder Scrolls style combat from the single player games. How do you possibly combine these two forms into one fun and very playable state? Easy, you take several years to build a game and go through loads of different combat ideas. Thankfully the team at Zenimax Online did just that. The combat in Elder Scrolls Online is a fantastic hybrid of action that captures both traditional MMO tropes and classic TES elements.”

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“With the popular elements of both Skyrim and major MMORPGs being melded into one AAA title, there’s plenty of reason to be excited for Zenimax’s upcoming beta plans.”

Elder Scrolls Online Reveal Interview (editorial and video)


“People keep waiting for the next big MMO, and while many games have come and gone (or either found a little footing but not been a huge success) most have contributed nothing more than a minor innovation. Elder Scrolls Online borrows some of those innovations, while introducing some of their own and more importantly bringing the universe and gameplay of the Elder Scrolls series to the world of MMOs, and even in the game’s current alpha state, I see a game I’m yearning to play more of than all the other MMOs right now on the market.”

Elder Scrolls Online Preview and Studio Tour (editorial and image gallery)


“Being able to play through the entire main quest solo is a big plus, especially for someone coming from the single-player side of things. Battles in The Elder Scrolls Online are the most fun I’ve had with combat in the series to date and PvP seems to be a unique twist on simple faction battles, as alliances will be storming, and defending, castles in a constant back and forth swing much like in a real war.”

Hands-On Impressions – The Elder Scrolls Online (editorial)


“TESO offers a highly polished social experience in the vein of the Elder Scrolls franchise. The game seeks to augment the benefits of the MMORPG with the best elements of the Elder Scrolls single-player games. Exploration and detailed questing prevent mindless combat and looting, and TESO resembles a single-player game more so than any MMORPG I’ve seen. This might just be what a few million RPG fans have been yearning for. Perhaps The Elder Scrolls Online calls for a bit of a genre redefinition after all: the transition to a more natural, immersive, and organic MMORPG.”

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Strategy Informer:

“The Elder Scrolls Online is clearly an MMO with ambition but first and foremost it’s clearly an Elder Scrolls game – and that’ll ease the fears of many fans greatly.”

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Tamriel Foundry:

“Despite these initial doubts regarding the action combat mechanism in an MMO setting, the awesome systems team at ZeniMax Online was, in fact, able to create the exact style of action combat that MMO fans have been requesting for years. The combat system in TESO is nearly identical to what players are used to on the PC version of Skyrim. The hotbar still exists and provides players with a variety of spells and abilities to use during combat, but weapon attacks, blocking, and shield bashing all happen real time using familiar mouse controls.”

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TenTon Hammer:

“…the first thing you should know about The Elder Scrolls Online is that it absolutely works as both a game worthy of flying the Elder Scrolls banner, and as an MMOG built for the modern era of our massive corner of the gaming industry.”

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“The controls also feel like slipping on a pair of comfortable slippers.  Left mouse for weapon attack — held for power moves — right click for block is close enough to Skyrim et al to feel immediately familiar and engaging.”

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