PAX Prime Recap


With Gamescom only just behind us, we hit the road for Seattle and PAX Prime this past weekend. At the show, thousands of fans got to play The Elder Scrolls Online for the first time. It’s been humbling to see your support, and we enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing a bite to eat at the ESO Food Truck. If you couldn’t join us, check out these links to some great photos and hands-on previews straight from the show:


Hands-On Articles

Dorkadia – “All I can say is WOW – I can’t wait to see more.”

Forbes – “The biggest takeaway from this demo is how much ESO looks, feels, and plays like Skyrim.”

GameZone – “The build I played at PAX Prime may have still been in Alpha, but everything I saw seems to indicate a game that is not only ready to live up to expectations, but exceed them.”

Massively – “Overall my impression was positive. I enjoyed my time, I liked what I saw, and right now I’m planning on picking the game up at launch.”

MMOhut – “Overall Elder Scrolls Online is a hidden gem in the MMORPG world.”

MMORPG – “The game definitely talked the talk and walked the walk back at PAX East and things have only improved since I last saw ESO.”

Press Pause Radio – “The experience feels very familiar, and in a title like The Elder Scrolls Online it is a smooth transition into the MMO landscape.”

Save Game – “The combat is fun, the characters are beautifully realized and the world is a signature Elder Scrolls immersive experience.”

The Videogame Backlog – “… you will probably love the crap out of Elder Scrolls Online.”



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Podcasts & Videocasts

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