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Ogłoszenia i Regulamin / Odp: Walka z trzema botami
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Zgadzam się coraz więcej spamu
Offtopic / Odp: Sprzedam konto do ESO CP 777 AR General
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Kącik fanów Fallout 4 / Ubrania
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Jeśli moja małżonka chce bardzo kupić ubrania to ja jej mówię żeby zaglądnęła do sklepu https://tonext.moda/ .W tym sklepie naprawdę jest bardzo duży wybór.
Offtopic / Odp: Wasze hobby
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Moim hobby na przykład jest chodzenie na bardzo dobre szkolenia.Ostatnio na przykład zastanawiam się nad szkoleniem w https://greenbusinesscenter.pl/ .
Offtopic / Odp: Plany na święta
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U mnie Święta zawsze w gronie rodzinny.
W te święta dostałam piękną biżuterię od chłopaka https://www.manoki.pl
Offtopic / Odp: Preferencje mieszkaniowe
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez jurek32 dnia Czerwiec 04, 2020, 07:23:02 am  »
Każdy na pewno chciałby mieszkać w bardzo fajnym mieszkaniu.Dlatego swojej koleżance wczoraj powiedziałem żeby wreszcie zdecydowała się na zakup fajnego mieszkania. Poleciłem jej ofertę https://www.ogrodywlochy.pl .
Offtopic / Odp: Preferencje mieszkaniowe
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez stefan221 dnia Czerwiec 01, 2020, 06:41:20 am  »
Podjąłem decyzje o zakupie mieszkania i od razu także podjąłem decyzję o skorzystaniu z Odpluskwianie .Moim zdaniem na pewno podjąłem bardzo dobrą decyzję.Moja kochana małżonka też była z tego powodu bardzo zadowolona.
Ogłoszenia i Regulamin / This needed to be achieved to Make Sure my security on RuneScape
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez wfuuopy dnia Maj 23, 2020, 03:36:51 am  »
I believed the show would be continued by cheap RS gold  him if he died at Zulrah. SO evident he'd die at Zulrah. Therefore many close calls during the series. He never got the Diary done. I think a whole lot of people expected him to die in Zulrah. There were at least 2 clips I noticed where he sat at 50 hp with mage form and several snakelings living where he'd have been killed with a top 30s ranged strike + decent hits by the snakelings. If youplanning to camp Zulrah and wish to not die hovering the teleport or you have to be attracting a meals. He appeared to stop caring in the conclusion, which is clear for a string that took energy.

This episode I was like damn he's being dumb he is gonna get piled at some point. And the only reason I cared at all was that this series was just one I clicked on as soon as I saw a new one was up. So many weird fumbles and seeing how someone does zulrah safely (boaty) is such a loony comparison. Even to safe tiles moves without bp or trident boaty 2 on certain phases just if or every hit. RIP c engineer. I've been seeing this show pretty much since its beginning, sad to see it end here. It'd be wonderful to see him carry on the show to getting the infernal cape on that account but I can understand that the novelty of the accomplishment has worn off.

Frankly not surprised he planked into zulrah. He had a ton of calls there where he could have easily died. Money snake is a bitch like that, easy to find while performing it but she could still mess you 10 ways to Sunday if you are not devoting every kill 100%. Break C Engineer, looking you have next. HCIM. I looked forward to more uploads and binged it all over the past two times. Little did I know.I was caught up to the finish.

This show, same, swampletics, and rendi are the sole rs material I watch anymore due to the amount of effort and creativity. Their content is just too samey for me, although I had always liked boaty and torvesta too. Feels like they just upload years of exactly the exact same thing with little difference. Me know, if anybody knows any other series of quality pls lem.

Is it though? He played his accounts quite inefficiently (like insanely, should you stop and consider it). Not to take away from his accounts limitation which forced him to do lots of suboptimal things (eg his fishing was really low because he couldn't really spare the inventory spots), but he had extremely poor account progression and very poor planning. He didn't even get a black mask. Off the top of my mind, he wasted heaps of old school runescape gold  time doing 1k Barrows walking with no Mory from Canifis. He would have been getting like 5 chests per hour so that's 200+ hours spent on a thing which doesn't give rankings.
Offtopic / Odp: Powrót po przerwie.
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez tomek22223 dnia Maj 20, 2020, 09:06:17 am  »
Ja ten wątek podeśle znajomemu to może tym się zainteresuje.Mnie to nie obchodzi.
Offtopic / Odp: Preferencje mieszkaniowe
« Ostatnia wiadomość wysłana przez tomek22223 dnia Maj 20, 2020, 09:05:42 am  »
Ja mam naprawdę bardzo fajne mieszkanie.Za te mieszkanie dałem bardzo dużo pieniędzy.
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