ESO Coverage from E3 Preview Events


New ESO articles and impressions are hitting the web after our recent E3 preview events in London and Los Angeles. Check out our collection of links to get all the news!

Members of the press got to spend hands-on time with The Elder Scrolls Online (and other Bethesda games) in London and Los Angeles last week. Lots of new articles with impressions and information are coming out, and we’ve rounded them up in this collection so you don’t miss any of the news:




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Game Front – “There was a palpable sense of danger, as if a trap door had opened up and dropped me into a very dangerous level of a dungeon I was exploring, and I had to fight my way back out to the safety of the open world.

It was the kind of moment that I play games for. Hopefully, Zenimax can infuse the other parts of the game this kind of thrill.”

Game Informer – “As you can tell by my impressions here, [The] Elder Scrolls Online’s storytelling has left an impact on me. I was more impressed with this brief quest chain than I ever was in my hundreds of hours playing World of Warcraft. Star Wars: The Old Republic’s waning community proves that players need more that good storylines to keep them engaged with an MMO, but I’m hopeful for [The] Elder Scrolls Online.

Game Revolution – “To my surprise, I could speak with all NPCs in the game, from the lowliest beggar to the drunkest soldier, and hear their completely voice-acted lines of dialogue. Given how expansive The Elder Scrolls Online intends to be—much larger than Skyrim was (and that’s saying a lot)—the amount of content is incredible.”

Massively – “Here’s the part that intrigued me: At no point did the gameplay experience resemble an MMO. Sure, players weren’t allowed to run rampant through NPC houses to steal everything in sight, and questing was still limited to „gather such item” or „talk to NPC B because NPC A doesn’t feel like walking 10 feet” (those NPCs can be lazy!), but venturing out into the world felt natural, as if I were in any other Elder Scrolls title. The world is still populated with points of interest that actually generate interest.”

MMORPG – “I have gone from being a fence sitter with regard to Elder Scrolls Online to a fan. The game as it stands in the version I played looks very polished and well-rounded. The lore is complete and interesting. Combat is aces. Sounds and feelings are spot on. In short, there is little bad to say about ESO from what I saw that day.”

Neoseeker – “Perhaps the most welcomed and unique feature is an optional first-person perspective, made to emulate the default perspective in previous Elder Scrolls RPGs. Is it necessary for TESO? Not by any means, but it’s a great throwback to the MMO’s roots, and any Elder Scrolls fan will no doubt feel more at home running around in first-person than third. I did, anyway.”

PC.MMGN – “It’s too early to make any definitive calls, but I’ll say this: I wasn’t ready to relinquish my keyboard when I got a tap on the shoulder saying time was up. The Elder Scrolls Online has the potential to not only open the mystical world of The Elder Scrolls to multiplayer bliss, but to broaden the minds of a generation of gamers who otherwise wouldn’t have dared go near an MMO.”

Ten Ton Hammer – “So at the end of the day, the question becomes, “Does it feel like an Elder Scrolls game?” To that, ladies and gentlemen, I loudly and clearly proclaim the answer is yes. My time in the game felt like I was playing Skyrim with other players and in my book, that’s a good thing.”

Ten Ton Hammer – “The concept of public dungeons isn’t new by any means, but it may seem so to today’s modern gamer. It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen their implementation and I can’t wait to see their return in The Elder Scrolls Online. There’s nothing like the thrill of being in a knock-down-drag-out fight to the death deep in the bowels of some horrific dungeon and seeing a friendly adventurer come around the corner at just the right moment to turn the tide of battle.”

Venture Beat – “[…]my luxurious amount of time spent in Tamriel didn’t offer anything close to a deep dive, but it did say one thing loud and clear: This is an Elder Scrolls game first and anything else second.”



Articles – « A l’évidence, TESO possède de belles qualités. On l’a déjà mentionné plus haut, le système de combat fonctionne très bien. Tout comme celui lié à l’évolution des personnages, qui semble être d’une rare profondeur. Par-dessus ces points positifs vient en prime se greffer un univers cohérent et fort. Un atout que beaucoup de MMO peuvent envier. »

Gamekult – « A une époque où les jeux massivement multijoueur n’en finissent plus de nous encadrer, le titre de Zenimax Online Studios nous pousse simplement dans un monde ouvert en se lavant bien les mains de ce que l’on y fera. »

Gameblog – « Qu’on nous offre une bêta, et vite ! Une chose est sûre, les fans de l’histoire des Elder Scrolls seront ravis de retrouver tout cet univers enfin réuni en un seul jeu, et de parcourir Tamriel de long en large. »




PlayMASSIVE – „Nach knapp 90 Minuten in Tamriel haben wir Lust auf mehr, ESO strahlt genau die Waerme und Behaglickeit aus, die sich eingefleischte Rollenspieler wuenschen.“


Bild – „Eines hat der kurze Ausflug nach „The Elder Scrolls Online“ definitiv geweckt: Die Lust, viel mehr zu entdecken. Denn gerade das Action-Kampfsystem scheint sehr viel Potenzial zu besitzen.“

buffed – The Elder Scrolls Online: PvE-Raids bestätigt, Mega-Server in Frankfurt und Erweiterung der Closed Beta

Eurogamer – „Der Sightseeing-Faktor ist definitiv da und so wie ich in jedem Elder Scrolls vor allem auszog, um die Welt zu sehen und sie erst an zweiter Stelle zu retten, freue ich mich ehrlich darauf, sie wieder zu erkunden.“

Gameswelt – „Mein leider viel zu kurzer Ausflug nach Daggerfall und Umgebung hat eigentlich nur eins bewirkt: dass ich es noch weniger abwarten kann, endlich die gesamte Spielwelt zu erkunden.“

Gamona – „Gespräche wirken natürlich, Handlungen nachvollziehbar und das Kampfsystem weiß zu beschäftigen. Sehr gute Grundlagen für ein gelungenes MMORPG. Wenn Bethesda Grinding-Exzesse vermeidet und vielleicht die dicke Nebelschicht am Horizont ein wenig lichtet, schlage ich sofort mein Zelt in Tamriel auf.

Spieletipps – „Elder Scrolls Online kombiniert  geschickt die Spielmechanik eines The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim mit einem Online-MMO.“

T-Online – „Elder Scrolls Online [schafft es], das typische Flair der Spiele-Reihe zu versprühen. Das fängt bei Kleinigkeiten wie bekannten Gegenständen oder Gegnertypen an und reicht bis zur liebevollen Vertonung aller NPCs.“


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